MS The Little Black Aussie Song Book

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Noty pro kytaru LITTLE BLACK AUSSIE SONG BOOK Zpěvníky z edice Little Black Book obsahují texty a akordy k desítkám populárních skladeb. Tato verze těchto zpěvníků kapesní velikosti představuje ty největší hity australské hudby. Seznam skladeb: lick on a song below to find all titles, including compilations, that contain it. (I'm) Stranded [Saints, The] All The Rage [Gelbison] Almost With You [Church, The] Alone With You [Sunnyboys, The] Always Mine [Morning After Girls, The] Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again [Angels, The] Amazing [Lloyd, Alex] Angel [Lo-Tel] April Sun In Cuba [Dragon] Are You Gonna Be My Girl [Jet] Back In Black [Ac/Dc] Bad Blood [Empire] Beautiful To Me [Little Birdy] Beds Are Burning [Midnight Oil] Before Too Long [Kelly, Paul] Berlin Chair [You Am I] Better [Screaming Jets, The] Better Be Home Soon [Crowded House] Better Days [Murray, Pete] Betterman [Butler Trio] Bittersweet [Hoodoo Gurus] Black Betty [Spiderbait] Black Stick [Cruel Sea, The] Bless My Soul [Powderfinger] Blow Up The Pokies [Whitlams, The] Blue Sky Mine [Midnight Oil] Born To Try [Goodrem, Delta] Bow River [Cold Chisel] Boys And Girls [67 Special] Breakfast At Sweethearts [Cold Chisel] Breathe In Now [George] Burn For You [INXS] Buses And Trains [Bachelor Girl] Buy Me A Pony [Spiderbait] Calypso [Spiderbait] Capricorn Dancer [Clapton, Richard] Carry On [Motor Ace] Cash [Panics, The] Catch My Disease [Lee, Ben] Cathy's Clown [You Am I] Cattle And Cane [Go Betweens] Chained To The Wheel [Black Sorrows] Chemical Heart [Grinspoon] Choir Girl [Cold Chisel] Cigarettes Will Kill You [Lee, Ben] Cold Hard Bitch [Jet] Come Back Again [Daddy Cool] Come Said The Boy [Mondo Rock] Come To Nothing [Evermore] Come To This [Sleepy Jackson] Crave [Butterfly Effect, The] Creepin' Up Slowly [Taxiride] Cry [Mavis's, The] Damage [You Am I] Darling It Hurts [Kelly, Paul] Death Defy [Motor Ace] Deep Water [Clapton, Richard] Deeper Water [Deadstar] Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap [AC/DC] Dirty Hearts [Dallas Crane] Dirty Jeans [Magic Dirt] Do It With Madonna [The Androids] Doctor Doctor[Gyroscope] Do-Do's And Woah-Oh's [Kisschasy] Don't Change [INXS] Don't Dream It's Over [Crowded House] Don't Go Now [Ratcat] Don't You Eva [Blasko, Sarah] Dreams Call Out To Me [Evermore] Dumb Things [Kelly, Paul] Dust Me Selecta [Gerling] Eagle Rock [Daddy Cool] Ego Is Not a Dirty Word [Skyhooks] Even When I'm Sleeping [Leonardo's Bride] Evie Part 1 [Easybeats, The] [Wrights, The] Evie Part 2 [Easybeats, The] [Wrights, The] Evie Part 3 [Easybeats, The] [Wrights, The] Excited [Little Birdy] Father's Day [Weddings Parties Anything] Feeler [Murray, Pete] Feet Touch The Ground [Jebediah] Flame Trees [Cold Chisel] Four Seasons In One Day [Crowded House] Friday On My Mind [Easybeats, The] From Little Things Big Things Grow [Kelly, Paul] [Carmody, Kev] From The Sea [Eskimo Joe] Gamble Everything For Love [Lee, Ben] Get Activated [Gerling] Get Free [Vines, The] Get Set [Taxiride] Gimme Head [Radiators, The] Girls Like That (Don't Go For Guys Like Us) [Custard] Girls On The Avenue [Clapton, Richard] Good Dancers [Jackson, Sleepy] Harpoon [Jebediah] Heavy Heart [You Am I] Helping Hand [Screaming Jets, The] Hey Hey Baby [Spazzys, The] Highly Evolved [Vines, The] Highway To Hell [Ac/Dc] Hold On To Me [Black Sorrows, The] Holy Grail [Hunters And Collectors] Horror Movie [Skyhooks] Hourly Daily [You Am I] Howzat [Sherbert] I Send A Message [INXS] It's A Long Way To The Top [AC/DC] Just Ace [Grinspoon] Khe Sanh [Cold Chisel] Leaps And Bounds [Kelly, Paul] Leaving Home [Jebediah] Left My Heart All Over The Place [Rogers, Tim] Life Is Better With You [Eskimo Joe] Lifeline [Fraser, Brooke] Like A River [Chambers, Kasey] Like, Wow - Wipeout [Hoodoo Gurus] Live It Up [Mental As Anything] Living In The 70s [Skyhooks] Look What You've Done [Jet] Lost Control [Grinspoon] Love Is In The Air [Young, John Paul] Lovesong [Amiel] Lucid [Perkins, Tex] Message To My Girl [Split Enz] Monsters [Something For Kate] Most People I Know [Thorpe, Billy] My Baby [Cold Chisel] My Best Mistake [Panics, The] My Girl [Hoodoo Gurus] My Happiness [Powderfinger] My Island Home [Anu, Christine] Never Had So Much Fun [Rhomb, Frenzal] No Aphrodisiac [Whitlams, The] No Tragedy [Radiators, The] Not Pretty Enough [Chambers, Kasey] Not The Same [Bodyjar] Numb All Over [Dallas Crane] Older Than You [Eskimo Joe] On My Mind [Powderfinger] One In A Million [Bodyjar] Original Sin [INXS] Out Of Mind Out Of Sight [Models, The] Paco Doesn't Love Me [Spazzys, The] Passenger [Powderfinger] Pleasure And Pain [Divinys, The] Power And The Passion [Midnight Oil] Quasimodo's Dream [Reels, The] Ride [Vines, The] Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution [AC/DC] Rollercoaster [Machine Gun Fellatio] Run To Paradise [Choirboys] Safe Forever [Gyroscope] Saturday Night [Cold Chisel] Shine [Amorosi, Vanessa] Shivers [Boys Next Door] Sit On My Knee [Barnes, Jimmy] [Dallas Crane] Slice Of Heaven [Dobbyn, Dave] So Beautiful [Murray, Pete] Solid Rock [Goanna] Some Kind Of Bliss [Minogue, Kylie] Someday Someday [Thirsty Merc] Something's Gotta Give [John Butler Trio, The] Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia) [GangGajang] Special Ones [George] Streets Of Your Town [Go Betweens] Tabloid Magazine [Living End, The] Take It Away [Butterfly Effect, The] Thank You (For Loving Me At My Worst) [Whitlams, The] The Best Years Of Our Lives [Clapton, Richard] The Captain [Chambers, Kasey] The Day You Come [Powderfinger] The Day You Went Away [Wendy Matthews] The Girl Of My Dreams Is Giving Me Nightmares [Machine Gun Fellatio] The Honeymoon Is Over [Cruel Sea, The] The Loved One [INXS] The Nips Are Getting Bigger [Mental As Anything] The Ship Song [Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds] This Old Love [Lior] Throw Your Arms Around Me [Hunters And Collectors] Thunderstruck [Ac/Dc] Tightrope Walker [Epicure] To Her Door [Kelly, Paul] Tonight's The Night [Little Birdy] Torn [Imbruglia, Natalie] Treat Yo Mama [John Butler Trio, The] Under The Milky Way [Church, The] US Forces [Midnight Oil] Walking Away [67 Special] Weather With You [Crowded House] What's My Scene [Hoodoo Gurus] When The Weather Is Fine [Thirsty Merc] When You Were Mine [Church, The] Where The Wild Roses Grow [Cave, Nick] [Minogue, Kylie] Who Made Who [AC/DC] Who's Gonna Save Us [Living End, The] Wide Open Road [Triffids, The] Woman [Wolfmother] You Are Not My Friend [Rhomb, Frenzal] You Shook Me All Night Long [Ac/Dc] Zebra [John Butler Trio, The]

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