K&M Omega

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Kytary.cz K&M 18810 Omega skladem 1,5% až 46.20 Kč 3080Kč Do obchodu
Kytary.cz K&M 18810 Omega RD skladem 1,5% až 49.35 Kč 3290Kč Do obchodu

Klávesový stojan Its compact steel tubing construction and large round floor protectors make this attractive keyboard table significantly more stable. Two sided spring-loaded locking screws make precision height adjustment easy. The support arms can be adjusted to suit the size of the keyboard. When folded, the table is impressively flat. The design of the table complements keyboard bench 14085 or 14086. An optional extra is the 18813 attachment for a second keyboard or laptop. Use the adapter 18814 to mount the microphone boom arm 18956, the music holder 18958, the iPad holder 18816 or the universal holder 18817 easily and quickly. Base dimensions:1,050 x 575 mm Nastavitelná výška: 60 - 102 cmspring-loaded clamping knobHeight adjustment:steelMaterial: Nosnost: 50 kgBarva: černáHmotnost: 9.5 kg with engraved height scale; includes 4 Velcro tapes to guide the cableSpecial features: 345 mmSupport depth: from 270 to 870 mmSupport width: